Heart Rate Distribution Chart (Data Field)  V2.2.5
for Garmin ConnectIQ-Compatible Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the FREE Version?

The FREE Version is fully functional and offers all features so that you can test the data field intensively without any risk on your Garmin device. If you like it and would like to have an add-free version, please donate to upgrade to the PREMIUM Version.

How to upgrade to the PREMIUM Version?

If you like this data field and would like to get rid of the "Free Version" notification (with vibration) all 10 minutes, please donate to upgrade to the PREMIUM Version. After donation we will sent you the unlock key immediately.

I did not received the unlock keys for the PREMIUM Version after donation?

After successful donation you immediately will get a mail to the mail address used in PAYPAL. It contains the unlock keys and the activation information for the selected PREMIUM Version(s). The information is provided as attached PDF. If this is not the case, please do following:

  • Check whether you used the right mail address. It is the one you are using in PAYPAL
  • Check whether the mail went to your JUNK or SPAM folder
  • Write a mail to rh-sp.nosp@m.orts.nosp@m.@gmx..nosp@m.at to request the keys

What to do if after entering the key, still the FREE version is active?

The FREE version is active if you see the "Please donate as EARLY BIRD" message upon application start. Some users reported that the FREE version is still active after entering the registration key and synchronization. In all known cases the key was entered properly.

In such a case, please check following hints:

Hint 1: Please copy the registration key with 9 characters length exactly in the given format (XXXX XXXX) into this text field. The registration key evaluation is case sensitive and no spaces are allowed at the beginning or end. One space is mandatory after the fourth character.

Hint 2: Users reported than on some devices (e.g. Android-based mobile phones) more than one space is added when copying the key to the app settings field. Please make sure that there is exactly one space after the fourth character.

Hint 3: Please synchronize the settings with your watch afterwards. Please disable the bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and watch as otherwise the settings might be overwritten.

Hint 4: Sometimes it is necessary to reboot the watch (for whatever reason).

Hint 5: Please use the right key for the selected application or data field.

User Settings are lost after App update?

Unfortunately Garmin resets the user settings when updating the data field. This leads to the problem that all configurations are lost and the FREE Version is active again. I´m testing some work-arounds but so far I was not successful. As soon as I have updates, I will publish them here.

Activity Tracking and Fitness Metric Accuracy

The data field uses the Garmin API´s to retrieve most of the information and cannot be more precise than the data delivered from there. Garmin states following about activity tracking and accuracy:

  • "Garmin devices are intended to be tools to provide you with information to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Garmin wearables rely on sensors that track your movement and other metrics. The data and information provided by these devices is intended to be a close estimation of your activity and metrics tracked, but may not be precisely accurate. Garmin wearables are not medical devices, and the data provided by them is not intended to be utilized for medical purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Garmin recommends you consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine."

Accuracy of Wrist-based Heart Rate (Elevate)

The app uses the Garmin API to retrieve heart rate related data cannot be more precise than the data delivered from there. Regarding wrist-based accuracy, Garmin states following:

  • "The optical wrist heart rate (HR) monitor for Garmin wearables is a valuable tool that can provide an accurate estimation of the user’s heart rate at any given point in time. The optical HR monitor is designed to attempt to monitor a user’s heart rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The frequency at which heart rate is measured varies, and may depend on the level of activity of the user. When you start an activity with your Garmin optical HR device, the optical HR monitor measures more frequently. The intent is to provide the user with a more frequent and accurate heart rate reading during a given activity."
  • "While our wrist HR monitor technology is state of the art, there are inherent limitations with the technology that may cause some of the heart rate readings to be inaccurate under certain circumstances. These circumstances include the user’s physical characteristics, the fit of the device and the type and intensity of the activity as outlined above. The HR monitor data is not intended to be used for medical purposes, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition."
  • "Wrist heart rate accuracy during swimming is very limited. Garmin does not recommend using wrist heart rate during swimming activities and on some products, wrist heart rate monitoring is disabled while swimming. Garmin recommends using HRM-Swim™ or HRM-Tri™ heart rate monitors with compatible devices to track heart rate while swimming."

Why is an update of the firmware required?

Some users reported that an update of the firmware is requested even though the latest firmware is already installed. In such a case, please try out following options:

  • Update your Garmin Express or Garmin Mobile software (if you don´t have the latest versions installed)
  • Reboot your device once

What to do if the data field does not work?

We do our best to test the data field as good as possible. As we do not have all physical available devices and all ANT+ sensors with all combinations of Garmin firmware versions, we have to do most of the tests on the simulator provided by Garmin. If you detect problems with our application on your Garmin device, please provide us detailed feedback via the official bug report form in order we are able to understand and reproduce your problem. This gives us a fair chance to provide a fix as soon as possible.

Here the link to the data field specific bug report form: