Skating App Professional  V2.6.5
for Garmin ConnectIQ-Compatible Devices
Skating App Professional

The Skating App Professional, running on most Connect IQ™-compatible Garmin devices, supports you in improving your inline or ice skating performance by tracking the most important parameters like distance, speed, pace and time with high sensitivity GPS. Additionally ANT+™ compatible sensors for heart rate and temperature monitoring are supported. It is designed as a watch app (and not a data field) for following reasons:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Arbitrary feature enhancement possible
  • Circumvent that some watches (e.g. vivoactive™) can only display two Connect IQ™ data fields
Link to Skating App Professional on Garmin App Store

This website provides further information regarding requirements, installation, getting started, supported data fields and features as well as frequently asked questions.

You can also download the documentation as Compressed HTML Help file (.chm) or PDF by using the links below:

Download Compressed HTML Help file as ZIP
Download PDF