Zone Gauges data field  V0.8.1
for Garmin ConnectIQ-compatible devices
Zone Gauges

Zone Gauges is neither a watch face nor a widget nor a standalone application, but a data field which MUST be added to one of the Garmin native apps. It runs on all Connect IQ™-compatible Garmin smart watches with CIQ 2 or higher. The main purpose is to extend the chosen Garmin native app by additional features for improving your workout performance. The data field shows the current heart rate information as colored value and gauge in best possible readability.

The main idea behind data fields is to use the native Garmin apps which offers features which cannot be accessed through the Garmin API in 3rd-party apps (e.g. map support, workout support, etc.) and extend its functionality with new features.

Due to memory constraints, data fields will only be available on newer Garmin devices with at least 32 kB of memory for data fields
Link to Zone Gauges data field on Garmin App Store

This website provides further information regarding requirements, installation, getting started, supported data fields and features as well as frequently asked questions.

You can also download the documentation as compressed HTML help file (.chm) or PDF by using the links below:

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