for Garmin ConnectIQ 2.0 or higher Compatible Devices

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this application?

We already offer a huge amount of applications which makes it sometimes difficult to find the needed application on your Garmin device. This application is a so-called HUB which allows you to start all of our applications from one app which can be configured on your Garmin device as a favorite.

Why apps cannot be started on Vivoactive 3

Currently there is a bug in the Garmin firmware for the Vivoactive 3 and Vivoactive 3 Music where <App is="" not="" installed>=""> is retured when trying to start an app from the RH-SPORTS HUB.

We already made a bug report month ago. Please refer to here:


We hope Garmin fixes this soon.

What to do if the application does not work?

We do our best to test the application as good as possible. As we do not have all physical available devices with all combinations of Garmin firmware versions, we have to do most of the tests on the simulator provided by Garmin. If you detect problems with our application on your Garmin device, please provide us detailed feedback via the official bug report form in order we are able to understand and reproduce your problem. This gives us a fair chance to provide a fix as soon as possible.

Please press here to get the bug report dialog.