RH-SPORTS Documentation
for Garmin ConnectIQ-Compabile Programs


We get a lot of very important feedback from users which we take very seriously. This web site covers all requests which might be implemented in the near future.

Sensor history

Following sensor history features will be added to several of our applications in one of the next releases:

  • Heart rate
  • Elevation
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • oxygen saturation

Other ideas

  • Add information about LAP heart rate for cycling and running

Data field problems

When you manually PAUSE the activity and switch to watch mode by pressing RESUME LATER as soon as you restart/resume the activity again, the timer fields (both moving and elapsed) are reset to zero in your data field (in garmin data fields it is OK).

Data field optimizations

  • Header text function can be optimized for data fields
  • Check if value is time-based can be optimized

General bugs or feature reports

Here a list of general bugs or feature reports:

  • Detailed Description: Nach dem Laden eines Tracks habe ich versucht die Navigation abzubrechen (kein GPS da innerhalb der Wohnung, ich wollte nur testen, ob die Zuordnung zu dynamicWatch funktioniert). Ein Klick auf Exit brachte mich immer wieder auf den Bildschirm des Tracks zurück und ich konnte die App nicht mehr beenden. Nur ein Neustart der Uhr hat geholfen.
  • Different signalling of alerts to distinguish better.

Cycling features

FTP calculation (20min window)

New data fields for:

  • W/kg
  • FTP, FTP %
  • Current FTP

Calculation of VO2MAX:

Docu update

Following docu updates are planned: