SkiTour App Professional  V4.2.5
for Garmin ConnectIQ-Compatible Devices


This section gives an overview about the supported GPS and ANT+ sensors in the SkiTour App Professional.

Satellite quality

The number of green bars indicates the satellite signal quality.


Following table describes the meaning in more detail:

Number of green bars Meaning
0 No satellites available
1 Satellite quality is based on the last known fix
2 Satellite quality is poor (Only a 2-D fix is available, likely due to a limited number of tracked satellites)
3 Satellite quality is usable (A 3-D fix is available, with marginal HDOP (horizontal dilution of precision))
4 Satellite quality is good (A 3-D fix is available, with good-to-excellent HDOP)

ANT+ sensors

The SkiTour App Professional supports following ANT+ sensors:

  • ANT+ heart rate sensor
  • ANT+ temperature sensor
Please pair the ANT+ sensor(s) before starting the application in your watch settings!
Some sensors support ANT+ and BLE. Please make sure you paired the sensors for ANT+!